Wednesday 6 March 2013

Rupert the Bear

My youngest son’s favourite soft toy was a Rupert Bear which had been passed down to him from one of his older cousins.  Rupert wasn’t in the best state, but after a few repairs, especially to his legs, he went everywhere with Ste.  When Ste was 3/4 years of age he got a severe case of the mumps and was feeling very sorry for himself.  Rupert wasn’t very well either, so I suggested we made a sleeping bag for him out of an old cot cover so he had somewhere cosy to recuperate. This then started a turn of events, started by me, I think, involving Rupert.  Each Christmas for the next few years Ste/Rupert would expect a present from Father Christmas, so I would make an item of clothing ranging from a jumper, pyjamas, and hat a scarf and wrap it up.  One year Rupert got a backpack (this was actually a key ring, but it did the job perfectly) in which was kept a little teddy I made out of felt and a tiny brush and comb.

When I think about Rupert all these years later, it brings a smile to my face.  I still have Rupert, sleeping bag and clothes tucked safely in a cupboard and perhaps oneday Ste might ask where he is.

Jen Mawson

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