Tuesday 6 August 2013

The Anniversary Quilt

In 1839 the University of Chester was founded and plans are underway to design and construct a quilt to commemorate the 175th anniversary. Here are the latest design ideas and updates on progress so far. 


Kath Roberts
I decided to depict the University Crest and chose this block mainly because I enjoy cross- stitching and tapestry and thought this would be a challenge as I haven’t done anything this complicated for some time!  I think our crest and logo are very striking images, probably one of the best traditional HEI logos, reflecting the long history of the University and relating back to the foundation of Chester College in 1839.
In many ways this block is the easiest to design – Michelle recommended online sites that convert a digital picture to a cross stitch pattern, so I converted a jpeg image of the University Crest using the Pic to Pat website, on 14 count Aida fabric and using DMC threads.  So there hasn’t really been any ‘design’ input from me, it will all be in the stitching!  I have decided to use the pattern that consists of 60 colours (the more colours used the greater the detail).  Shirley had some thread colours that she very kindly passed on to me to keep the cost down.  All I have to do now is stitch and hope I can finish it before the deadline for making up the quilt!

This is the website I used:

and this is what it should look like when finished!

Shirley Bowers

If someone asked me to highlight an iconic representation of Chester – it would have to be the Eastgate clock. 

I have been thinking about the best way forward with my design.  Firstly I thought of just completing it in ‘blackwork’ but then decided on a collage of materials including lace for the ironwork. I took a fair but of time regarding the actual size of the clock face and decided on a 6” face so I purchased a black plastic face from EBay !!


Fiona Roberts has given me some material that looks like the sky which will be the background and Felicity Davies has agreed to stitch it onto the calico material  supplied by Maxine Bristow.

Great team to work with – full of good ideas.

Fiona Roberts
I have decided on a design and am nearly ready to start my anniversary block at last!  I’m going to do a traditional patchwork block using the layout and colours of the tiled floor in the entrance to Senate House, which used to be the Principal’s residence, and where students came to be interviewed when they applied. 
The Victorian floor tiles in the entrance to Senate House.

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